Tuesday, 27 November 2012

xmas cards

Hi bloggers well its been a while since I have been on here as I have been so busy. Like most people I dare say at this time of year. I have lots of cards to make and things to do. Last Friday I had a lovely day in York with some of my buddies and we had an amazing time. Lots of chat and wine with a little bit of shopping in between. The biggest laugh was that I went to York with two odd shoes on! Yes you read that right. Two odd shoes. It caused great hilarity when I realised and lots of laughs since.
The card I am sharing with you today is a one I am making for a friend. To make this I used Splodge Away Art Noveou 8x8 mask with so ordinations paper sanded back. The poinsettia was also made useing Splodge Away mask. The centre was a stamp I had in my stash. It is a wooden block one and I dont know who made it (I suspect it is creative expressions) but it stamps beautifully. It was then coloured with pro markers.

Hope you are all keeping warm dry and safe in this awful wet and windy weather.

Happy Crafting

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Hi bloggers well would you believe it another rocker! Sorry folks but I just got into this theme and love doing them so much that dont seem to be able to stop as they make such nice cards and a litttle bit different. This card was my contribution to the splodgeaway DT team challenge. To see more please go to splodgeaway.blogspot.
I have attended two workshops this week and will be posting some photos of those eventually! but in the meantime
Happy Crafting

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Made useing THE REAL SPLODGEAWAY products

Hi bloggers just a quick post as I have been at Suzicrafts all day doing a Hougie Board class the the fabulous amazing and extremely funny Kay Rutter. Now I dont know if I am so tired through the drive, the hard work or just all the laughing I did. Whatever it was a great day. I have taken some photos but have decided to wait to post them until after I have made a project with the skills I learnt at the class!!!
Until then I would like to share another card that I made for Toms show last Sunday useing his daisy mask. This took quite a lot of doing as it was really difficult trying not to get gold specs on the black card. I have to say it took lots of attempts but in the end I felt it was worth it.

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Hello bloggers. today I decided to spend doing nothing but crafting. Well it didnt quite work out that way as a few loads of washing went in etc but I still managed to make some inroads into my xmas cards. I loved this one so thought I would share it with you. I am quite into the rocker card at the moment and they are so simple to make if you have the Gran Nestabilities As you just cut out largest circle and fold in half for card. Next size down for insert and smallest two for topper.
I have decorated this one by useing my splodge mat to distress edge of main topper. And the stamps are from Hobby Art.

Happy Crafting

Monday, 12 November 2012


As soon as I saw this mask I knew what I was going to do with it. I immediately saw black and white and a cameo. to make this card I ran mask through calibar with coordinations cardstock in black and then sanded down. I also embossed a second time in white. I then cut the centre out. I cut the corners from the white embossed image and distressed with black soot and glued to the corners of the black image. The cameo was from a CD I have and I decoupaged the hat. Embossed with black wow powder. When sticking it down I tucked in some white feathers ( Cant really see them on picture) and a black hat pin. She was finished with a gem for her earing. The final touches were a white bow and a black gem in each corner.( I stuck these gems on after taking picture) lolx

Thank you for poping over.
happy Crafting

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hobby Art and Butterfly Kisses

Just wanted to share this one with you as I so enjoyed making this one. This card also appeared on Splodge Away Show on C&C today. Although the theme wasnt Xmas I thought I would do a Christmas card to show how versatile the masks were. The stamps I have used were Hobby Art and Butterfly Kisses. Jenny if you read this I love the stamps and dont get enough time to play with them. All you bloggers get yourself over to Hobby Art site and have a look.
A great big thank you goes to Tom and Susan at Suzicraft and Splodge Away who made me so welcome from the first time I walked into the shop and have given me the amazing opportunity to use there wonderfull products and be part of there design team. Big Hugsx
Happy Crafting
Smartie Pants Kay. AKA T Bag.xxxx


Well another great show from splodge away on Create and Craft and Tom you were amazing. The design teams samples are superb and the sell outs!!!!!!! I thought I would show you this one today as it was sitting on the counter but just kept evading Lewins hands so never got shown. Heres to the next show.
Happy Crafting
Kay. AKA Tea Bag.lolx

Friday, 9 November 2012

Variations on a Theme

Well I actually managed to get a serious start on some Christmas Cards today. It doesnt seem to matter what I have in my head to do I always end up reaching for the Splodgeaway snowflake mask or the Poinsettia mask. Today it was the snowflake teamed up with some Papermania stamps.
In my head every time I craft I tell challenge myself to use the scraps. The last card was the outcome. I just glued the strips of left over card then cut out two two inch squares and hey ho I had the base for another card and hardly any waste.
Well of to pack my cart as I am off to Suzicraft tomorrow to get my crafty fix.
Happy crafting


Just discovered a new blog which has a competition to win Tim Holtz distress inks. all you have to do is visit http://welcometothescrapbookgarden.blogspot.co.uk/and become follower and make comment. why dont you pop over and enter. Got to be worth a try.
Happy Crafting

Thursday, 8 November 2012


When I go of on my visits to Sussex it would not be complete without  visit to either the Craft Barn or The Glitter Pot. Prefferably both. This time it was a quick visit to The Craft Barn and restricted to how much time I could spend in there as hubby and sister in law were in a coffee shop waiting for me before we went for our visit to tunbridge Wells.
Well it doesnt take long for me to spend money and I managed to buy three sets of stamps. One is a Hobby Craft Scene it which will have to go to one side for a later date and the other two were Woodware Stamps. One owls and one cats.
I was up early on my first day home and got the owl one out. (If you read this Tom note THE OWL) and the above is the finished results. Dont know if you can see on the picture but I also invested in some googly eyes which I have put on.

Happy Crafting

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Need a Crafty Fix

Hi everyone. Just come back from sussex after a visit to celebrate my lovely great nephews first birthday and dedication to his church. Had an absolutely wonderful time. In sussex they have bonfire societies and they have parades the like of which I have never seen before to celebrate the anniversary of the gunpowder plot. I didnt take my camera with me and I so wish I had so I could have shared the spectacular with you as it was amazing. They parade with lit torches of fire and bannders of fire. they wear wondeful costumes and have amazing fireworks. I couldnt begin to describe. You really need to see them. I am sure if you do a search on the net you will find pictures somewhere.
As I didnt have a photo of them I have posted what was to have been my contribution to the November Splodge Away challenge but used another card instead. This one uses a Splodge Away mask for the snowflakes with the sparkle gel. Butterfly kisses stamps embossed in white with white Pan Pastels to createe the snowy forground. Finished with some Christmas ribbon. It was a bir of an experiment as I did it all on Navy Blue card. Hope you like it.

Happy Crafting