Thursday, 8 November 2012


When I go of on my visits to Sussex it would not be complete without  visit to either the Craft Barn or The Glitter Pot. Prefferably both. This time it was a quick visit to The Craft Barn and restricted to how much time I could spend in there as hubby and sister in law were in a coffee shop waiting for me before we went for our visit to tunbridge Wells.
Well it doesnt take long for me to spend money and I managed to buy three sets of stamps. One is a Hobby Craft Scene it which will have to go to one side for a later date and the other two were Woodware Stamps. One owls and one cats.
I was up early on my first day home and got the owl one out. (If you read this Tom note THE OWL) and the above is the finished results. Dont know if you can see on the picture but I also invested in some googly eyes which I have put on.

Happy Crafting

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