Thursday, 27 September 2012

Well not long finished watching the very talented Tom and Maria on Create and Craft at lunch time. Great show and very inspirational. Tom never ceases to amaze me with what he can do with a blending tool and mask! The Card samples that the design team produced were incredible and I think they should all give themselves a big pat on the back. Sam excelled herself with the most wonderful card useing the three kings mask. A husge well done to you for that one Sam. I know that it took a lot of perfecting and you worked very hard on it. Here are some of the samples that I produced and we all have our favourite dont we. Well mine were the poinsettias. I could have played all day with that one. Dawn Bibby was rather partial to my Xmas Tree one. Well off to cook tea for hubby. Better keep him sweet as he has just done a round trip to the team valley to replenish my stock of 8x8 cards. Thank you Cliff.

Happy Crafting everyone.x

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Well not had a chance to blog for a little while as hubby busy decorating and the house upside down. Amazing how one little room when you start to empty turns into a tardus!!!! Finished this after though so start cleaning up tomorrow. Well that is till 12pm when Tom is on C&C again when I will be glued to tele. Been busy making cards for the show and took a trip to Suzicraft on Tuesday to give to Tom. Well you know what the rain was like but I thought in my wisdom that as it had stopped at that moment in time it would be OK. Ha ha fooling myself. Got down to Stockton OK but the rain started again! Coming home what should have been a forty minute journey turned into an hour and a half!!!!! Still kept me out of Cliffs way while he was busy.

Happy Crafting


Monday, 17 September 2012

Good Monday Morning All

Well Saturday was the big day at Suzicrafts. first Birthday party. Poor Susan and Tom put such a lot of effort into the day and boy what a day. i think they were well rewarded. Great turnout of people, fabulous atmosphere and demonstrations to die for from the lovely ladies Maria simms and Annette Leigh.

Some fabulous new stock in and couldnt resist so whent home with an empty purse but happy. My major purchase was the Pan Pastels. Eileen you produce some lovely work with some so I have been inspired and needed them to have a go. Done a little bit this morning but need theoapplicator tools me thinks which Suzicraft are going to order.

Well unfortunatley monday morning spells a little bit of housework so must get on so I have more time left for crafting.

Hope you all enjoy the photos of Saturday.

Happy Crafting

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Just was having a look at some of my pics and saw this one. The other day I was playing with one of Splodgeaways masks and was looking for something to put in the centre. You know we are all so keen to try out new products and techniques that I think we forget some of the old ones as so I decided to try medallion stamping again. I am sure that lots of you remember these but for anyone that doesnt it is a rubber stamp in the shape of a medallion of some type which you stamps several times and then cut out reducing each time rather like decoupage. then you either paint or glitter. I usually prefer glitter and this was the finished article. Hope you like it.

Happy Crafting

Had a great day at Suzicraft. Tom was doing a class with his xmas scenescape. As I had already purchased one I thought I would join the class to see how Tom would do it as it was his creation. The night before I had tried mine out and I will post the picture of the finished product. Well just goes to show how we all see something different! Turns out that  what I thought was a church was the bottom half of houses and what I thought was footsteps leading to church was actually the windows for the houses!!!! What a laugh. Well I was dead impressed when I learnt how the make the houses but I wtill like my church and footpath. Unfortunatley I havent finished what I made with Tom so havent taken picture yet but here is mine anyway. I have also posted pics of flowers I made which if I say myself are lovely. Well I love them and it never ceases to amaze me how you can turn a piece of plain white paper into lovely flowers.

Tarra for now and Happy Crafting

Friday, 7 September 2012

Evening all. ( Does that remind the oldies of anything?)

This morning I had my crafty fix by doing some work on a friends wedding invites. Now I cant tell you much about them as she is keeping them a secret but there is a lot of splodging going on! What a brave girl who has the guts to have something different. When I am allowed I will reveal all.

After that I thought it was about time I did some housework. ( That dreaded word) I hate it when it gets in the way of my playing but there you go I suppose I have to make the effort. Actually when done the place looked quite nice and I was pleased I had made the effort. All nice and clean for us to mess up again. What a thankless job and you know there is no retireing age from it!!!!!!!!!!!
Time for a nice cup og tea and then bed. Down to Suzicraft tomorrow for a little visit.x

Happy Craftingxxx

Monday, 3 September 2012

Good afternoon all. Well another gorgeous day. I am torn between going out and staying in doing housework  and crafting. Couldnt make up my mind so I am having a day with a mixture of all. Went out yesterday with hubby and had a lovely day starting with Sunday Lunch at the Mill pub in Rainton Bridge and then down to Seaham harbour for Ice Cream. Mmmmmm Rum and Raisin. We walked down to the harbour and had a sit in the sun. got talking to two lovely ladies from Stockton. They had been to South shields for the day the day before!!!!!! Couldnt go without posting a couple of cards I have made for friends and relatives and then as I think I have done enough housework it back to crafting.

Fot the thirtieth birthday card for my nephew I went back to one of my old time favourites the word book. Love doing these and dont know why I dont do them more often. They always make a nice card and the beauty of them are that you can make them wimple but effective by useing nice patterned card or fancy them up with embellishments.

Whatever you are doing enjoy your day and Happy Crafting all you crafters.x