Monday, 22 April 2013

Good Morning everyone. Well I thought that it would be nice to share will you some great news. I know |Kirsten has announced this but she honoured me by asking if I would design for Kirsten lapping designs. They make the most wonderful Embossing powders and Ultra Fine glitters. Of course I said yes. Bearing this in  mind when I was makeing samples for Splodge Away I thought I would combine the two as I knew they would make perfect partners. The above project was made by useing double sided sticky paper. I dusted the mask with a tumble drier sheet and then stuck it to a piece of double sided sticky paper that was the same size. I then poured black glitter over the exposed areas of the mask. after dusting off the excess I then carefully peeled back the mask and covered the rest of the pattern with white glitter. This gave me the finished background effect.I then embellished with hand made flowers, ribbon and a from Dawn till dusk embellishment which I had coloured with silver embossing powder also from Kirsten Lapping Designs. It gives the most dramatic effect. Well I think so anyway and I hope you agree. Why not take a look at Kirstens Web site and see the wonderful selection of products she has available. I can really particularly recommende the embossing poweder. its amazing. When embossed its bendable and doesnt crack and can be punched
into or ran through an embossing machine. Watch this space for more.

Friday, 19 April 2013


Today I thought I would share with you a card made out of a combination of two sets of Splodge Away masks. I have to say that this was not one of Toms favourites ( I think it was the girlie colours, haha)  but when I make the samples I line them up along the piano so I can be critical and my hubby can see what I make. This was one of his favs. This just goes to show how our tasts vary so we have to adapt styles to suit all which is always what I try to do. The backing paper was made from one set and then the butterly wreath embossed and cut around the outside. To get a good even cut in the centre I used a die cut circle. They were then both coloured with pan pastels. I embellished it with flowers made from a CD and the butterfly was made useding the largest butterfly creater cut out in shrink plastic. Stamped with a flower stamp for texture then coloured and shrunk. Wallah.x
Happy Crafting

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Birthday Kit

The Butterfly kit went down a storm at create and craft but I loved the birthday one and this is one of the samples I did. The mask was embossed and then distressed around the outside with fired brick then a little worker stamp I have in was kit was stamped around with momento coloured ink ( Forget the name) This was then mounted on black and then red.
Hope you are all manageing with this wind and dont have any damage caused by it.  I am going to stay in as I have a rotten heavy head cold kindly given to me by Mr Splodge Away Tom Johnson. Thanks tom!!!! An excuse to do more  crafting me thinks.

Happy Crafting Kayx

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Good mornign everyone. well I was going to go pay a visit to a friend today and take her some flowers as she has had a rough time lately but have you heard the wind out there!!!!!!!

Also Splodgy tom has passed his germs on and I am now Sneezey Kay.lolx

While I was braceing myself to go out I thought I would just share with you another card sample that I made for last weeks show.

I love this technique and I think if I am not careful every card I make may be made like this!

It is so simple yet so effective.

To make I got a piece of double sided sticky paper and placed the birthday cake mask on top ( Oh nearly forgot. Most important wipe the mask with a tumble drier sheet as if you dont it gets a bit traumatic tryintg to remove it.) Then cover all the exposed area with a coloured glitter of your choice. Carefully remove the mask and then glitter the sticky area left with a contrasting colour. DONE! How easy is that. To complete I added some pearls and ribbon down the side.

The only downside to this is that people see you comeing for days after as you sparkle!!! lolx
Well will have to go.
See you soon

Happy Crafting

Saturday, 13 April 2013


Hi bloggers jsut thought I would share with you another card that I made for Splodge Away. this one didnt get any air time but was one of my favourites

To make this card I cut a piece of one of my 12x12 patterened papers down to 8x8. Its hard to tell but it was greyish in colour and had two birds and some flourishes on. I then disstressed round the edges with Adirondack Butterscotch. I then got the butterfly flourish mask, plced it over the card randomly and gently inked with Adirondack Butterscoth for the butterlies and Lettuce for the stems. I then inked my mask with Versamark, placed it centrally on the paper and put through my e bosser. Useing Kirsten Lapping Design Copper embossing powder and copper glitter mixed I sprinkled over the embossed area and heated with the heat gun. This I think gave a wonderful effect. I then stamped a Butterfly Kisses sentiment on the bottom and embossed that in the copper. The flower was made from and x cut die that was cut in a toening patterned paper, constructed and then the centre embossed with same copper mixture. I then went around the edges of the card with versamark and sprinkled the copper mixture on again and heat embossed. I was so pleased with the result and have had a lot of positive feed back about it. Create and Craft loved it too.

Have a Great Weekend and Happy Crafting

Friday, 12 April 2013


Hi bloggers. Well this is just a quick post as I am absolutely shattered after a long long day but have to say an amazing one. I left home at 3-45 this morning to meet Tom from Splodge Away and we then travelled to the Create and Craft Studio where he had a show scheduled for 10am this morning. Everyone was so nice, the crew producers etc and also some of the other guests who had shows that day. I even got a few seconds of fame as when we were setting up Toms show Nigel who was filming the one before at the time pointed out we were there and said hello. ( Unbeknown to me the cameras had turned onto us. I guess I will never see it myself but maybe some of you saw it and can tell me. I thought I would share this card with you as it was well loved. I made it useing double sided sticky paper. I used a tumble drier sheet to dust the mask before placeing in onto the paper. then rubbed flitter flakes into the exposed sticky areas. I then carefully peeled of the mask and then applied ultra fine silver glitter the the rest of the sticky areas and walla the finished design. All I then had to do was apply the flowers and ribbon. I must say that I like to make my own flowers but these were bought one with liquid pearls for the centres.
Well I am about to retire now and catch up on some lost sleep.

Happy Crafting

Monday, 8 April 2013

Hi everyone. so sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately but been having a busy time makeing new samples for the Splodge Away show on Create and Craft next Friday. Really looking forward to it as I am going with Tom to Create and Craft so hope to see how its all done and maybe meet some nice crfty presenters too. Dont know yet who is doing the show. As i cant share my cards with you just yet. Though I will post them after the show I thought I would share with you this photo that was taken at a Kirsty Lappins Design charity workshop that I went to with Shelagh last Saturday. That is shelagh to my right being very productive and Dawn from Dawn till dusk to my left who I was nattering to. We all have a great day and raised some money for charity while we were at it. Can I just say that I bought some of Kirstys embossing powders and glitter while I was there and have used them in some of my samples. i was very impressed and will share with you how I used them later. In the meanwhile

Happy Crafting

PS Can I just say a big Thank You to all of you who view my blog as its much appreciated and please feel free to leave a comment as they are much appreciated as long as they arent rude.lolx