Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Andy Skinner Worshoop

What A Great Weekend



Good day to all you bloggers followers and visitors. Well this evening is getting a bit breezy out there so a perfect time to  sit here and share with you the fantastic experience we all had at an Andy Skinner Workshop I went to and show you one of the projects that we made which I must confess is my favourite, We all had such a fun time as they are all lovely ladies and Andy was amazing. Very relaxed and helpful. Now I could ramble on for ages to tell you how we made this book but I will try to be a brief as possible. Who would believe that it started life as just a little black book.
The change began when we covered it with white Gesso and then used red and yellow acrylic paints over the top just slapping it on at random Next step was stamping the chosen image all over including down the spine ( mine was obviously script.)  After that we highlighted some areas with an interferance paint. Next step was useing stencils to put on the words and owls etc  which when dry was covered with an opaque paint. The final step was to then paint the whole project with a soft touch sealer. An amazing product.
Bye the way all the product that we used were by Deco Art and some were so new that they hadnt yet hit the retailers. Wernt we the lucky ones? I confess to not remembering all the names so please forgive me for not telling you.
The heart was MDF which we covered in a texture paste and then drew the pattern on with the wrong end of a paintbrush. How clever were we! Haha. Each section was then painted first with acrylic paint and then a coat of interferance paint on top. The big holes in the pattern were made with a straw.
The little dots were then put on useing an acrylic paint and a small ball too and the big dots were filled in useing a paint brush. the final step was the crackle glaze the centre heart. Job done. I think the secret to success with this project is the make sure that each step is dry before moving on tho the next one. Oh bye the way nearly forgot the book was edged with black Archivale ink.
To finish of I would just like the thank Andy for a brilliant weekend and shareing his knowledge with us and putting up with us and also a big thank you to Sue tucker of Art Workshops for oraganizing it. she does an amazing job. Of course lets not forget all the lovely friendly crafty who I shared the weekend with. They were all lovely.
Well I think I have prattled on enough for one day so
Good Night
Happy Crafting