Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Good Morning bloggers and followers. Well today I am pleased to say that thanks to the wonderful Rae Dalal the splodge Away blog is up and running again. The design team are going to share some inspiration with you and the current theme is  Autumn- At the moment we will be useing masks that we have in our stash but hope eventually to share inspiration with new products.
Mr Splodge Away Tom has been very busy latley producing products for other companies and lauching his new Splodge Away Club which may I say is well worth joining as the value is amazing.

This is my contribution for the autumn theme and if you would like to know how it was made please pop over to the Splodge Away Blog by following this link.
Happy Crafting

Monday, 6 October 2014

Eileen Godwin/SplodgeAway workshop


Hi bloggers and followers and friends. Thank you for popping over to have a peep at my makes. Last Friday I was so lucky to be able to attend a workshop with the lovely Eillen Godwin and was arranged by Splodge Away.x Eileen has been a crafty FB friend for some time and also in the past a fellow Teamie. so it was just lovely to meet her at long last. Eileen is well known for her neat classy cards and she didnt dissapoint us. What amazed me is that I have never thought of distress inks as being vibrant well just look at my tree and soldier card !!! Would you believe distress inks. Its all down to how you apply. I am sure that many of you like me get into a rut and need to take a different view on some products. Eileen made me do just this. The last card is not what I associate eileen with but isnt it amazing . The workshoop was all about techniques. Even my masks which being a member of Splodge team for long you would have thought that I would have done everything possible with then but oh no. Eileen again gave us a different perspective on them.
I have been suffering from a really bad dose of the colds coughs etc and have little energy but one very lovely hubby drove me to the Great Northern Papercraft extraveganzer on sunday and I was able to purchase a few of the things I needed and didnt have to make more of the above project. Woo Hoo!!!
Yes I managed to purchase the memory box mask, distress paints and a wonderful mask with three circles cut out ideal for different sized moons. (sorry Tom)
Well thats all for today. Hope you are all coping with the horrible weather and that the winds have not caussed any damage.
Happy Crafting

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hi fellow bloggers well I have been nominated by my fellow Splodge Away teamie Claire Snowdon  at   to carry on this blog and I must first apologise if a little late but I have been poorly all week and so am a bit behind, Well a lot behind really!!!!!
Something About Myself
Well I am one of those people who are able to get a free bus pass and regularly make use of it. I have been married now to my long suffering husband Cliff for 46 years ( ye gads) and we have two children Sally and Stephen both with partners. I have been crafting in one way or another since I was a little girl and my Grandmother introduced me to her button jar and we made things together.I can remember sending stuff into Blue Peter when I was young and never won anything but did once get a commendation. lolx I think I must have tried my hand at most thing really but have stuck with paper crafting for many years now asd there is always something new to try.
What are you working on at the moment
Well my most imporatant project of the moment is my journal which I started at my workshop with Finnibair a couple of weeks ag. she was an inspirational lady and so talented but I dont want to rush it and spoilt it as its so beautiful. Inbetween I am making the useuall family birthday cards and building up my christmas card stash.
Why Do You Create what You Do.
Simply because I love it. I get great pleasure from the lovely comments from friends and family who recieve my cards and I llove the challenges that creating pieces of work give you useing new products.
How does my creative process work.
Well there is no rhyme or reason to this one. It could be anything that sparks me off. It could be something as simple as an embellishment and I will go from there and it will grow into a project. thats why I think I am surrounded with such a huge craft stash as I then always usually have something to fit the project. ( Well that my excuse anyway)
How Do You Stay Focused/ Motivated.
Firstl I very raely do a project that I couldnt complete in one sitting if I wanted to because like Claire I get bored. I always want to see the finished project ASAP.  My motivation comes from lots of sorces. I try to follow as many blogges and craft sites as time will allow as  well as go to as many workshops as the budget will allow.  This gives me tremendous motivation as I am always eager to learn new techniques and try new products  and its great to see other peoples take on things . 
How many of us say. Why didnt I think of that???? lolx Also I look forward to my monthy craft stamper arriving.x
Well bloggers I hope I havent bored you too much and to carry on this blog hop I would like to nominate one of my crafty facebook friends Bernie Simmons who does super dooper work ( Especially with Hobby Art Stamps . One of my favs.)
You will find Bernies blog if you follow this link 
Happy Craftin Everyone