Thursday, 13 September 2012

Had a great day at Suzicraft. Tom was doing a class with his xmas scenescape. As I had already purchased one I thought I would join the class to see how Tom would do it as it was his creation. The night before I had tried mine out and I will post the picture of the finished product. Well just goes to show how we all see something different! Turns out that  what I thought was a church was the bottom half of houses and what I thought was footsteps leading to church was actually the windows for the houses!!!! What a laugh. Well I was dead impressed when I learnt how the make the houses but I wtill like my church and footpath. Unfortunatley I havent finished what I made with Tom so havent taken picture yet but here is mine anyway. I have also posted pics of flowers I made which if I say myself are lovely. Well I love them and it never ceases to amaze me how you can turn a piece of plain white paper into lovely flowers.

Tarra for now and Happy Crafting