Friday, 7 September 2012

Evening all. ( Does that remind the oldies of anything?)

This morning I had my crafty fix by doing some work on a friends wedding invites. Now I cant tell you much about them as she is keeping them a secret but there is a lot of splodging going on! What a brave girl who has the guts to have something different. When I am allowed I will reveal all.

After that I thought it was about time I did some housework. ( That dreaded word) I hate it when it gets in the way of my playing but there you go I suppose I have to make the effort. Actually when done the place looked quite nice and I was pleased I had made the effort. All nice and clean for us to mess up again. What a thankless job and you know there is no retireing age from it!!!!!!!!!!!
Time for a nice cup og tea and then bed. Down to Suzicraft tomorrow for a little visit.x

Happy Craftingxxx

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