Monday, 22 April 2013

Good Morning everyone. Well I thought that it would be nice to share will you some great news. I know |Kirsten has announced this but she honoured me by asking if I would design for Kirsten lapping designs. They make the most wonderful Embossing powders and Ultra Fine glitters. Of course I said yes. Bearing this in  mind when I was makeing samples for Splodge Away I thought I would combine the two as I knew they would make perfect partners. The above project was made by useing double sided sticky paper. I dusted the mask with a tumble drier sheet and then stuck it to a piece of double sided sticky paper that was the same size. I then poured black glitter over the exposed areas of the mask. after dusting off the excess I then carefully peeled back the mask and covered the rest of the pattern with white glitter. This gave me the finished background effect.I then embellished with hand made flowers, ribbon and a from Dawn till dusk embellishment which I had coloured with silver embossing powder also from Kirsten Lapping Designs. It gives the most dramatic effect. Well I think so anyway and I hope you agree. Why not take a look at Kirstens Web site and see the wonderful selection of products she has available. I can really particularly recommende the embossing poweder. its amazing. When embossed its bendable and doesnt crack and can be punched
into or ran through an embossing machine. Watch this space for more.

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Zoe said...

Wow! Fabulous xx