Saturday, 13 October 2012

Well I am nursing a bit of a bad head after last night out with my three bestie friends. We have all known each other for over 30 years now after all working together as sales negotiators with Brosley Estates. Although we all now work in different places  (or like me and are retired) we always keep in touch by having a get together night out and catch up with whats being going on with our familys. Between us I think we could write a book ( of the war and peace proportions) Although we dont see each other regularly you would never believe it as its just like we saw each other yesterday. Our next outing in a trip to York in November where we will meet Marilyn as thats where she now lives. The biggy one after that is a trip to Paris some time at the beginning of next year. Now this is as a joint celebration of all of our big birthdays of one number or another which I am not going to tell you. I have woke up this morning regretting this as I have flying am claustrophobic and dont like tunnel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hubby tells me I will be there before I know it.! Alright for him and well the girls might regret me agreeing to it if I throw a panic attack on the way.Haha. That would teach them.
Well I was going to have a nice relaxing crafty day today but the headache has stopped that. ( Serves me right but how can you refuse a full bottle of wine when the barman tells you if you buy two glasses you get the rest of the bottle free)lolx

See you all when I have recovered.

Happy Crafting

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