Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Hello to all you lovely bloggers and followers. Yes its me back again after a very long time away. Can I just say thank you to all of you who visited my blog last year and particularly those who took the time to leave lovely comments. these make it all worth while. Not to dwell too much on things but just a little explanation as to why I went of the radar. Sadness visited my life towards the end of last year. My lovely brother took ill and then died in December. It was particularly hard as he did not live local to me so I couldnt see as much of him as I would have like to. I found it difficult  to focus and hence my absence.
A new year began and slowly I have got my crafting mojo back. It started first of all with a workshop with Annette Lee which I will share with you later but today I am sharing some of my work that I did last weekend at the Anna Finnibair workshop I attended. This is the second one that I have been fortunate enough to attend and believe me she is amazing. Not only a talented lady but such a gorgeous person to. I couldnt begin to start to describe to you how these were made but  I will just say that the top one featured my dear mam. The second one was a fifteen minute challenge we did which was such fun and the picture is just random. The third reatures my beautiful daughter Sally on her wedding day.
Hope everyone out ther is well.
Happy Crafting

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