Monday, 18 February 2013


Sorry bloggeers out there that there has been nothing new posted for a couple of weeks. I know you have been looking but my trip away with my buddies Carole, Marilyn, Diane and myself ( In order left to right in the photo threw me into chaos. Firstly I dont do Flying water and tunnels so as you can imagine this was a big thing for me. The solution to the nerves was to go into the buffet car on the Eurostar and get plastered. We did a pretty good job of it. I could sit here and talk for evermore about my trip as it was wonderful. We laughed from start to finish. Thank you my wonderful friends, but I wont bore you as I am sure that most of you have been to far more exotic places than my trip to Paris. Since comeing back it has been hard trying to get back into the swing but I have done a few things and have attached a tag I have have done stamping and colouring with H 2Os. I just love the shimmer effect of these. If you dont have H20s then you can mix mica powder with water and use as paint and get a very similar effect. I finished it off by useing disstress inks around the edge and useing my "Designs by Ryn" water droplet stamp. Hope you like it.

Happy Crafting

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