Thursday, 6 March 2014

From the I Pad

Well folks if this blog is a bit odd it's because I am trying to post from the I Pad. I don't think I am doing very well but practice makes perfect, hahax . This canvass was one I made on a visit to Suzicraft. When I got there Mr Splodgeaway. Our Tom was halfway through a class and he gave me a canvass and said go for it. This was the result. It was made in record time. I literally picked up 3 different Splodgeaway masks and gesso end through them. It the spaces in between I added more gesso stippling different patterns. The lightbulbs and cogs and clock were then placed on the canvass and gessoed over. They are manufactured by Splodgeaway from Splodgeaway board. The word time are chipboard which were painted with gesso. Stamped with a number stamp. Sprayed with a cosmic shimmer mist and then edged with Treasure Gold in silver. I stuck them on with glossy accents. Opus I forgot to say before I stuck them on I gave the canvass a fine covering with a silver acrylic paint. Sprayed lightly with a pale pink cosmic shimmer mist. I then used a gold spray and sprayed the Splodge  board pieces. I used treasure gold in gold around the pieces and edges of the canvas. Lastly I stuck a charm on the bottom right which I had coloured with treasure gold and edged the canvass with black soot distress ink. phew that was a marathon.

My apologies for any grammar and spelling mistakes.
I don't want to waffle any more but can I just say Abigail thank you and welcome tones followers and as always a big thank you for all your lovely comments.

Happy Crafting


Stephanie said...

cute canvas. Congrats on your Ipad post

Linda Simpson said...

This is fabulous Kay, love the embellishments and the texture. Congratulations on getting to grips with your IPad.
Linda xxx

Shelagh McCarthy said...

OOO Kay, thats fab..... your getting quite techy lol....

Zoe said...

Well Kay if that's what you produce "off the cuff" so to speak then it's amazing, great colour, love it xx Zoe xx