Saturday, 23 March 2013


Hi crafty bloggers out there I need your help. Is there ever a subject that you often get stumped on when trying to make a card for it. Well I was well challenged this week as I thought I had 3 cards to make for a christening. Well I dont like the very religiously looking ones and prefer a more modern approach. I just didnt realise how hard it is to get images for this. The first one I made was with Splodge Aways Holly hands mask. I inked it and then typed a sentiment on the compueter, printed and cut out with a die cut. It was then layered up with ribbon and baby shoes to embellish.
For my second one I reverted back to my first love decoupage. After trawling through discs and finding nothing I decided that I was goin to have to go down a diffentt road of thought when I spotted my Peter Rabbit CD and the above is the end result. I t was matted and layered and trimmed with lace and pearl bows.
|Let me know if you have a subject that you find hard to craft .
Happy Crafting

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