Friday, 25 January 2013

Splodge Away new Sceneit country mask.

This was one of the new masks on Create and Craft yesterday. I saw this one for the first time the day before and had a quick play in Suzicraft but made a mess of the house so I took the mask home and had a go last night. this was the result. So anyone who hasnt used the masks before can see the result you can get without any practice. They are amazing. Thanks Tom. I think I am going to send this one to my cousin in Australia. Now this is a bit risky as she is an artist and does fabulous landscapes so may be very critical as she will look at it with an artist eye!!!!!!
Happy Crafting



Sams Home Cooked Designs said...

Hi Kay - only kidding about the FB thing. This is really good I haven't got this stenscape yet. Sam

susan ward said...

lovely card as usual xx

Sue said...

This is lovely Kay sorry I've been having probs with my blogger and its taking me days to leave comments x