Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Good evening everyone. Hope you all enjoyed Dawn Bibbys show on C&C this afternoon with our fabulous Mr Splodge Away. Great programme with all the lovely new techniques. Gesso is amazing and I wasnt suprised to see Toms hands full of it when he was demonstrating as I just knew he would have been playing with it off camera.

I finished my day off today with the lovely ladies at Swanstyle craft group held at our local community centre and they very kindly agreed to let me take some photos of them and there work to share with you all.

Christmas is the main theme of the day at the moment it seems except our gorgeous unique Margaret who is making Funky ladies.x they are great Margaret. All of the ladies produce some lovely work.

Goodnight to everyone and

Happy Crafting.x

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Sue said...

Some great work Kay looks really nice and friendly xxx